Thursday, February 5, 2015

This Year's Cell Phone Recycle Event!

This was our third year carrying out a Cell Phone Recycle Event.  With so many families upgrading their phones over the December holiday season, it seems only natural to hold this event in January.

Did Santa bring you a new phone this year?

And to make it easy for parents, we have a team of people that circulates the lanes of traffic in the morning and in the afternoon.  Equipped with baskets, bells, and smiles, this team collects your old cell phone without you ever having to leave your car!

Look at this cheerful, hardworking bunch!

sunrise bonus!

up and down the afternoon lanes of parked parents

Thanks, students, for collecting these phones!

With your help, we collected 35 phones to donate to Cell Phones For Soldiers charity!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moving towards...a trash-free party.

When you hear the phrase "green party," do you think of political candidates that probably mean well, but don't get enough votes for us to really find out?  Or do you think of colors, textures, experiences to make an event memorable?

Two classrooms took up the challenge of celebrating a holiday in a trash-free way, in essence, with a green party.

And look at the results!

colorful fruits, napkins, plates!

sturdy and washable cups, class-size drinks reduce waste

edible activities, no plastic trash here!

more edible activities: guess the circumference, number of seeds, number of lines, etc

no trash for this festive meal!

One parent volunteered to wash the dishes afterward. Thank you!

For any other class wishing to join in this good, green fun, here are some thoughts about moving toward a trash-free party in your own home or classroom:

Underlying Principles:
  • Green party techniques do not have to require EXTRA work, just DIFFERENT work.
  • Instead of requesting disposable items (that will eventually be thrown out), request services (that create lasting memories).
  • Be proud that our joyful, but brief, celebration will not have a lasting negative impact on our finite world.
  • Even implementing a few green ideas will be beneficial!
  • Foods closer to their natural state are healthier, produce less trash, and can often be found locally (apples instead of individual applesauce).
  • Foods that are individually packaged produce more waste than whole foods or large bags (pretzels, crackers, cheese, etc) (gallon of apple juice instead of juice boxes, a block of cheese instead of cheese sticks, etc).

Items needed (keep and use long term):
  • 30 cups
  • 30 plates
  • 30 bowls?
  • 30 forks
  • 30 spoons
  • 30 knives?
  • 30 cloth napkins
  • 2 - 3 cloth tablecloths
  • bins for storage
Other details to consider:
  • Request someone (or several someones) to wash the dishes after the party.
  • Request someone to launder the linens.
  • Request fruits and veggies, cheese, homemade muffins, hummus, etc instead of cakes, candies, cookies, chips, etc.
  • Encouraging small portions will reduce waste.
  • To include a craft or themed activity, consider using repurposed materials.  Pinterest has so many ideas!  Avoid places like Oriental Trading Company which sells individually wrapped materials, plastic-y toys, lots of packaging, and uses lots of fuel to ship items from across the world.
  • Consider an edible craft.  This can be done in a healthy way (not just decorating cookies).  A designated parent can take pictures to email home.  Again, Pinterest can help. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Earth Day, April 2014, Trashion Show!

South Arbor had their first annual Trashion Show, and it was a huge success! Around 20 models strutted down the lit-up runway, and there were over 40 participants altogether. Music, judges, and extravagant fashions were all part of this fabulous event! What a fun way to celebrate Earth Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Primary Hall adopts an endangered species.

Endangered Species Report
by Pranavi Pratapa and Sridula Kallakuri

The primary hall has adopted another animal this year, and the winner is the snowy owl! The young-fives through second grade students voted, and it was officially adopted through the Defender of Wildlife organization in November, 2013. They considered other options too, like the penguin, and the tiger. But it was the snowy owl that won. The owl lives in the Aleutian Mts. of Alaska. It can also be found in eastern Manitoba, northern Quebec, and Labrador during breeding seasons. They can even be found in the United States! As far south as Florida, and as far north as Maine, the snowy owl makes its appearance occasionally. The snowy owl is an interesting creature; it’s no wonder the primary hall decided to adopt it!

Lights Off Initiative

South Arbor Green Team Lights off Initiative
The Green Team`s lights off Initiative has begun! The Green Team started lights off! When a Green Team member randomly passes by an empty room with the lights off, the member will put a small good job star. If a room has a light on when they are gone, they will receive a reminder that they should always have their lights out when they leave a room. When a class room has 5 stars they will receive a bigger star and the first five stars will be taken away.  The goal of the lights off initiative is to have every classroom to have their lights off when their room is empty. Also, it’s to have the school save money on electricity and to be green, of course!
                             Turn Lights off!

-written by Andrew Jarvis and Stephen Jarvis

2nd Annual Cell Phone Recycle Event


The Green Team did it again! This year the South Arbor Community donated 61 cell phones and a handful of cell phone chargers, during our Cell Phone for Soldiers Event.

This event helped us get calling cards for soldiers, so they can call their families back home. Even we made the world greener, by recycling cell phones. Students volunteered to stand out on the curb in the morning and the afternoon to collect cell phones and so did teachers.

Written By: Parina Desai and Ina Shah